5 Must Have Casual Footwear For Everyday Comfort

5 Must Have Casual Footwear For Everyday Comfort

When we think of footwear, What's the first criteria that comes to mind?
Comfort! , We as humans created footwear to keep our feet clean and comfortable in various different terrains , but as time passed footwear took a completely different turn where now we care about the fashion aspect of it. Over here at SOLES we have curated 5 Must Have Casual Footwear For Everyday Comfort that is the perfect pairs for utmost comfort without comprising on style whatsoever. 

The 5 Must Have Casual Footwear For Everyday Comfort are 

SOLES Braided Flats

The perfect pair to just slip on and carry on with the tasks you have at hand. The SOLES Braided Flats is a pair of casual footwear that every woman should have in her closet, it effortlessly elevates an outfit with it's fashionable design and meticulously crafted material. 

The neutrality of this design allows all of us to wear it with any outfit and making all our day easier.

SOLES Toe Hold Strap Flats 

From hectic days at work to simple brunches, The SOLES Toe Hold Strap Flats is the answer to all emotions, whether you're feeling dressy or a more ethnic wear, this pair footwear delivers on every outfit you choose to style it on.

Most of all it's comfortable requires little effort and allows versatility with your wardrobe. 

SOLES Front Buckle Small Strapped Heels

A balance between casual and formal, The SOLES Front Buckle Small Strapped Heels is exactly that!. Imagine a pair of footwear that's perfect for a work meeting or any occasion while also delivering on the casual night with friend. The small block heels allows you to have an elevated look, which improves your confidence and enhances posture. Its the go to footwear for anybody who works and likes to have a little fun.

SOLES Strappy Small Wedge Heels

The SOLES Strappy Small Wedge Heels, provides incredible stability with 0 to no compromise for style, the small wedge heel is a simple black pair that can be styled with dresses or jeans for any sort of occasions.
It's versatile, it's clean, it's SOLES.

SOLES Toe Hold Strapped Flats 

It's the ideal pair for a girls day out or a day at the beach, it's meant for the lighter occasions and makes your feet look pretty, it's versatile and can go with any outfit.

And there you have it 5 Must Have Casual Footwears, all of them made just for you and curated by yours truly.