Began as an idea in the by lanes of Old Bangalore, Our founder Mr. Ayaz Mahmood began his entrepreneurship by starting his first brand Stiletto, that sent waves throughout the female footwear industry and realizing the demand for the footwear he provided, he exited Stiletto and in 2004 he started the brand we know and love today, SOLES.

SOLES started out with a bang ushering unprecedented sales and demand, while making headlines in newspapers, radios and lines of women waiting to grab their pair of soles. Mr. Ayaz Mahmood capitalized on the market presence soles had and began branching out into numerous flagship stores amounting to a total sales of 2 million footwear from the year 2004 to 2024. Throughout this Ms. Parvin Ayaz worked from the backend taking care of all operations and executing deals that ensure the smooth sailing of SOLES.

In 2024, Ms. Parvin Ayaz became the face of the brand, brought a fresh outlook to SOLES, In her own words "SOLES is a brand that meets the eyes of consumers through their elegance and sophisticated designs and retains those consumers through the comfort the footwear provides".

Under Ms. Parvin Ayaz, SOLES adopted a flagship model of business and began SOLES LUXE, a sub-category of SOLES that caters to our customers with a more personal experience while ensuring the perfect fusion of fashion, comfort, and luxury through complete custom footwear and a large category of sizes that meets a wider audience, through this Ms. Parvin Ayaz elevated SOLES as a more consumer centric and brought in the touch of feminine understanding.


Welcome to SOLES, where Comfort meets Fashion, redefining and celebrating the essence of femininity combining elegance with a touch of chic. SOLES empowers women to step out with confidence and grace. The SOLES brand belong to SOLES-LUXE Private Limited, which owes the concept, rights, designs, the brand and the business.