The SOLES History & Recipe

SOLES, started in the summer of 2007 and that was the year women's footwear got a new paradigm in styling.

A humble beginning from a single store in the cross of Commercial Street in Bangalore, India, SOLES started its operation, catering to a limited number of style & fashion conscious clientele.

Till its inception, footwear were more considered to be a bare necessity than anything else. SOLES would change that forever and make people perceive it as a lifestyle product. With designs that were timeless, sensuous, trendy, strong and chic, SOLES presented a fresh approach and set the standard for the future of uber-cool ladies footwear.

With an initial sense of skepticism about selling footwear as a lifestyle product, SOLES started to gain a niche audience who were on lookout for something unique and trendy yet practical. Successfully maintains a strong and trusted relationship with women who love shoes by consistently offering the latest fashion merchandise at affordable prices.

A word from SOLES Founder

“We are the destination for women seeking the latest in fashion footwear” states Ayaz Mahmood, Founder & Managing Director of the SOLES Group, a privately-held company, which operates a chain of retail stores across India.

With a sophisticated in-house manufacturing facility and the very best design team, SOLES continues to deliver Hi-style fashion footwear to its customers.


As it progresses ahead, SOLES continues to challenge its already high standards to remain a driving artistic force in the world of women footwear. With a never ending commitment to deliver the very latest, trend setting, chic and comfortable products.


SOLES is on lookout to reach a wider audience by opening new stores in major metros of India, UAE, Sri Lanka in the near future. For more information about SOLES, email us at