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Frequently Asked Questions

SOLES offers a diverse selection of women's footwear that blends fashion with comfort, leaving a lasting impression on our customers. Our range includes casual footwear, women's heels, party sandals, office shoes, and wedding footwear, all designed to cater to various tastes and occasions.

Yes, we do offer sizes ranging from UK 3/EU 36 TO UK 9/EU 42, although we have launched an extension to SOLES called SOLES LUXE where we do a completely custom footwear of your choice, with any size you desire and design, for more information, kindly contact - +91 7019393471

Certainly! We offer exchanges and returns for your purchases, excluding sale items.

Ever since fashion and styling became prevalent in the world we live in, women have come to a consensus that to create the perfect outfit it is not just the clothes but also the footwear that they wear to a degree where a lot of women tend to style an outfit around their stylish footwear. The women’s footwear industry has expanded to a point where it caters to all needs and specialises for any given occasion. Footwear for ladies is not just about functionality but also about fashion, it is a way of self expression,  ranging from a wide array of collections from party wear heels for women to wedding wear footwear for ladies, and creating an entirely different collection for casual footwear for women, and knowing exactly what the customer needs while keeping in mind on what they want, that is SOLES! Always making sure our customers are valued and we provide the most comfortable footwear for ladies.

What type of footwear do you need?

When we talk about the types of women’s footwear that we want, it cannot necessarily be the right one for the occasion. This is where the different types and styles of footwear come in, Have a meeting at 9? Do you want to look the best?Well SOLES has an exclusively made collection holding some of the best pairs in the market for formal footwear for women or wait Have a party to attend? SOLES checks that box too with our fabulous party wear sandals for women, you can never go wrong on the dance floor when you’re wearing SOLES!Not just that, we have the best casual shoes for women to meet the needs of versatility from bringing grocery to running a quick errand SOLES has some of the best casual footwear for women. Let’s take a pause and think about a special occasion, a wedding!SOLES is unparalleled when it comes to the collection with regards to wedding footwear for ladies, Our eye for detail and the intricacy with designs, SOLES leaves a lasting impression while never compromising on comfort.